Spartan’s management and key operating personnel have wide-ranging experience in operating and contracting land rigs, both in drilling and workover operations.

During our CEO’s (Paul Butler) tenure at Pool Energy Services, he worked for Pool’s Middle Eastern subsidiary, Pool Arabia. Pool Arabia, at the time, operated the largest fleet of land drilling and offshore Jackup rigs in Saudi Arabia. He also worked in Pool’s Ecuadorian and Columbian subsidiaries that are now subsidiaries of Nabors Industries. Mr. Butler was also instrumental in developing Pool Arctic Alaska which eventually operated the largest fleet of rigs operating on the North Slope of Alaska before Pool Energy Services was acquired by Nabors Industries.

Spartan’s sponsor, Avista Energy Capital Partners (AEC), headed by Mr. Steve Webster, is well versed in the land rig drilling business and has sponsored many of the key players in that sector in the past. They were major contributors to companies such as Grey Wolf, Basic Energy Services, Sidewinder Drilling and many others.

Spartan, in the recent past, has held discussions with three (3) different highly respected land drilling contractors. Two (2) of which are located in Houston, Texas while the third company is located in Anchorage, Alaska and operates its rigs on the North Slope.

Spartan is currently involved in discussing the management of up to 27 rigs in Uzbekistan with Epsilon Development Company ( Whereby, Epsilon is scheduled to move four (4) 3000HP drilling rigs, each capable of drilling to 25,000ft., during the 1st quarter of 2021 to Uzbekistan.

Spartan’s management personnel has previously worked with Transmeridian Exploration Corporation in Kazakhstan to provide technical and managerial support for six (6) 2000 HP drilling rigs.